“Reading is Nourishment for the Mind”

Expand your astrological understanding or simply enjoy the live discussion with a like-minded community speaking the language of astrology.

“Welcoming discussions on top astrology books leading to great insights.” ~ Maya Astra

I am grateful to have this book club. It moves me in directions that alone I would not go…It’s helping me be a better astrologer.” ~ G.M. – USA

“All of my life I have searched for meaning and understanding. Astrology has given me many answers, as has my faith. This book club is the best forum I have found to further my growth toward my spiritual understanding.” ~ J.S. – USA


Open to all levels of astrologers and students, we enjoy a sense of community while conversing in a shared language. Online, live monthly meetings are facilitated by experienced astrologers. Each session is recorded and features a different book and author.


Consult our calendar for monthly book club selections as well as the semi-annual subscriber’s choice special meetings and features. Upcoming events, such as webinars and special interviews, can also be found here.

Reviews & Interviews

Find reviews for each book featured as apart of our monthly scheduled meeting caledar. A broad range of authors and texts are added regularly.

View a selection of video-recorded interviews, conducted with leading Astrologers.